Although divorce is the ‘theme’ in Coming Up Unstuck; the universal ‘life-death-life’ precepts and insights can be applied to any situation

. . . regardless of which relationship you choose to upgrade: with your spouse, your sibling, your parent, your best friend.

Whether you want to stay in your relationship and work things through, or if you prefer leaving because you’ve had enough. Use this book to help you find clarity within ALL your relationships, including the relationship with yourself.

Discover which of your stories have colored your choices. Inquire internally whether you took ‘the expected path’, suffocated your dreams, or made default decisions. We all do it. And no reason to go it alone, so take Lisa as your guide. Delve into expectations that may be holding you back. Are they yours? From others? Get clear on the reality of your every day. Are you happy? Will you ever be? 

Allow things to get messy. Let all your Light and Dark come through. Your contradictions, your Fears and Hopes, and your Truths.

Grieve the loss of it all; that the fairy tale didn’t come true, that you are tired and don’t have all the tools you need, that your confidence has eroded and you don’t even know what normal is anymore, or why you came together in the first place. Cry until you are spent, feel all the fury, allow the pain. 

And let the healing begin. In fact, it has already started and you haven’t even bought the book

Healing and growth occur naturally as you celebrate small victories, treating yourself to an ice cream, or embarking on a weekend Sojourn. Learn that you can take baby steps. Start choosing YOU. Figure out where you compromise, and where you give up. Start fighting back to regain your independence, your soul, your deepest hidden desires. Find out where you do not allow your voice to emerge. Create the life you want!

Remember where you are strong. You matter.

Create the Life You Want!

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Not a poetry lover? Explore a little. Be guided through new sensations. Allow the opaque images within the prose to expose the messiness within. Skip what doesn’t work for you.

Do whatever it takes to move up and out, to regain some happiness in your life. 

Enjoy the complex illustrations by Scott, and the juxtaposition of Yvonne’s whimsical sketches that deepen the subject at hand. You’re likely to discover even more meaning behind your own situation in these expressive art elements.

This book is meant to help in your self-discovery journey. Savor the all of it. 

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