Poet. Lover of words. Life adventurer.

These are words used to describe our author, Lisa Yvonne. She also is grateful to be the mother of two adult children, whom she loves beyond words.

As one who thrives when traveling and exploring the world, Lisa has learned over her lifetime how to integrate her logical, engineering self with her free-spirit, dancing self. She strives for personal growth and is committed to healing in the world, which she believes begins with the personal choices each of us makes daily.

Lisa is the co-author of “Eggshells of the Soul,” a poetry compilation and labor of love by six authors who bring American, Caribbean and Asian sensibilities to poetic expression, creativity, diversity, and cultural, personal and professional experiences.

Lisa lives in the Southeast and loves to travel. But not just literally; she is also on a continuous journey of healing and growth. Her world view: Everyone has a voice and is fully self-expressed.

Previously married for 16 years, Lisa remains grateful for the personal journey that led to the creation of this book, and hopes that others may find the tools and support needed as they search for answers.

To contact Lisa, email her at Fernhead Publishing here.


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